When anyone first gets into the cryptocurrency space, one of the primary things on their mind is the current price of Bitcoin. In response to people’s desire to keep up with BTC’s market movements, a bunch of websites began tracking prices. If you’ve ever wondered what the best websites are to check cryptocurrency prices, this is the list for you.

1. Coinmarketcap.com

The granddaddy of them all. Coin Market Cap is the original price-checking website for the cryptocurrency space. The story of how this website went from obscure, crypto-enthusiast cess-pool to making the list of Top 500 Websites based on traffic is one for the ages.

Now much more than just a price index, CMC powers widgets on thousands of websites, has the most robust data API in the cryptocurrency industry, and is trusted by players like number two on this list, Coinbase.

Though it started as a side project for a cryptocurrency enthusiast, CMC is now the global leader for cryptocurrency price websites.

2. Coinbase.com

The preferred “onramp” into crypto here at Koin Keys, Coinbase also has a pricing page. Largely plugged-in to the CMC API, Coinbase certainly has their own methodology when it comes to calculating the price for different assets on their exchange.

It is commonly held that Coinbase upds the prices of assets when purchasing, and drops them when selling to protect themselves from spread-trading across different exchanges.

For this very reason, it’s important to make sure that you are checking multiple exchanges to get accurate spot-prices for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

3. Blockonomi.com

Blockonomi is a media company based in the UK that is focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The reason they make this list is that when you Google the term “Cryptocurrency Prices,” they are the third option that pops up. For that not-unremarkable achievement, they’re also third on our list.

In addition to their pricing page, Blockonomi provides daily news updates on movements in the market and developments in the space.

4. Coincodex.com

Coincodex is a pricing website that has a lot more to offer than just cryptocurrency prices. A quick look at their tools page shows you what all they have for their users.

With a laundry list of tools, trackers, and calculators, Coincodex makes keeping up with prices, and your personal investments in the space, a breeze. You can even use their site to set up alerts that will tell you when a currency you select reaches a certain price point.

5. Coinranking.com

Easily the most beautiful price-tracker we’ve ever seen. Coinranking is operated by the Netherlands-based design agency, Trinary Digital. They are also the makers of the crypto-portfolio tracker Coinhodler.

Heavy on design and light on functionality, Coinranking is the no-frills way to keep up-to-the-minute on price movements. They don’t have all of the tools on offer that the other websites mentioned here do, but they are by far the most visually appealing.

We’ll likely be using Coinranking for checking daily prices from now on.

6. Cryptocompare.com

Cryptocompare is one of the coolest websites in the space. Instead of us telling you all about it, you should just check it all out for yourself.

However, the one tool we will mention specifically is their mining calculator. This tool allows you to figure out exactly how much money you could make if you were to set up a mining rig, or participate in different ming pools. It’s a fantastic tool, and you should definitely check it out.

6. Coingecko.com

Coingecko is another longstanding player in the cryptocurrency universe. First and foremost, it’s a price tracker. But they have more than just that going on. Like most of the other websites listed here, they have multiple tools and calculators to help people understand what’s going on in the space.

The most interesting thing they are doing currently, however, is establishing the Trust Score. With the recent scandals about exchange volumes being falsified, Coingecko is aiming to fix the issue by setting up new algorithms that more accurately track trading volume, web traffic, and a few other data points.

We highly recommend Coingecko based on their longstanding reputation in the space, and their continued stand for making sure that they present accurate numbers to their users.

There you have it! That’s the list of websites we recommend to check cryptocurrency prices in 2019.

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