Tools for Navigating the World of Crypto

Some links on this page are affiliate links. We only list things we feel comfortable recommending to family and friends. 


In order to own cryptocurrency, you will have to go through an exchange. These websites are the on and off ramps to get your money from dollars, pounds, euros, or yens into digital token and coins. The exchanges listed here are simply the ones we prefer, but there are dozens of others to choose from. 


Coinbase is the easiest way for Americans to turn dollars into cryptocurrency. If you’re from the US, start here. Coinbase has a long, trustworthy track record, and we recommend them often. 


Binance is considered by many to be the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It does MASSIVE trading volume, and is another great way to get into the cryptocurrency world. It is slightly harder to use than Coinbase.


Abra has one of the best iPhone cryptocurrency wallets I’ve seen. The interface is simple, easy to use, and works flawlessly. The team building it is great, and you get $25 by signing up using our link!


Changelly focuses on one thing: simplicity. Their goal is to be an easy way to get intro crypto fast. They are also the swiftest way to exchange one currency for another. Instant exchanges, and relatively low fees.


Although not a high volume exchange, Coinmama has a passionate following and has been around since 2013. 2013! In the world of cryptocurrency, that is a long track record of providing a service, and it makes us feel confident about recommending them to our community.


There are a four primary types of cryptocurrency wallets: web, mobile, desktop, and hardware. Paper wallets are another option but we will deal with that in a post. The wallets listed here are a mix of the four primary types and are meant to be solid recommendations for anyone interested in safely storing their assets.



Ledger is a French company that is leading the way as far as hardware wallets are concerned. With end-to-end supply chain security instituted for their products, it’s no wonder their Ledger Nano S is the most popular wallet on the market.


Trezor is another highly trusted name in the world of cryptocurrency custody and security. They have very high security standards and are often recommended by experienced crypto users.


KeepKey is the hardware wallet company owned by the cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift. They make a simple, elegant product that is well-liked by those that use it.

Exodus Desktop and Mobile Wallet

Exodus is one of, if not THE best and most popular desktop wallets out there. It has a beautiful, seamless user experience while providing a ton of user abilities. Exodus gets a big ol’ Koin Keys approval. 

Tools / Services:

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its earliest phases. Most of the world has still never heard of Bitcoin, much less actually used any. This list is meant to be an ever-expanding guide to the tools and services we think you should check out.

Lolli is one of my favorite products currently available in the crypto space. It is a broswer extension made for Chrome and Brave. It gives you free Bitcoin for shopping online in the places you already shop!


Honeyminer is a cloud mining platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrency by contributing your computing power to a mining pool. If that sounds like giberish, just check out their website and see if it’s for you!


MetaMask is the easy way to start exploring the decentralized internet of tomorrow, today. In other words, it’s a way for you to explore Web 3.0 using your current Chrome or Brave browser.


Finding the right sources of content in any subject can be challenging. This is our list of the best podcasts in the world of crypto. 


Hosted by Laura Shin, Unchained is self-described as the “No hype resource for all things crypto.” and has an illustreous line up of guests who are major figures in the industry.

Koin Keys

Yes! We have a podcast! What kind of content creators would we be if we didn’t mention our own podcast in this list?


In their own words:This weekly, 20-minute-long podcast reveals how the marquee names in crypto are reacting to the week’s top headlines and gets the inside scoop on what they see on the horizon.”


This podcast is much more technically focused than the others on the list. Epicenter has multiple hosts and is usually much more data / science driven than it is meant to be consumed by the general public. If you’re interested in diving deep into the world of blockchain technologies and what is behind them, this is the podcast for you.


No matter what topic you are trying to learn about, books are going to be a critical part of your education. Cryptocurrency is  no different, and the books that we list here are the ones we consider to be the most critical reading to understand the space. We will update this list as we read more. 

Life After Google

Life after Google is an in depth look at the stories, people, and technologies that are shaping our decentralized future and spelling doom for the massive technology companies currently in the game. 

The Book of Satoshi

The Book of Satoshi is a collection of all of the known writings of the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. If you want to know the mind of the person that started the crypto revolution, this is a must read.  

The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard is an economics-based approach to understanding not only the theoretical potential of Bitcoin, but also the practical impact it has already had. 

The Internet of Money

The Internet of Money is likely the most popular book about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the world. It was written by Andreas Antonopolous, one of Bitcoin’s loudest, most well known proponents. This is a great general education book for understanding Bitcoin.

The Inevitable

Kevin Kelly didn’t set out to write a book about cryptocurrency when he wrote The Inevitable. However, if what he proposes comes true, the forces he outlines inside will have a direct impact on the development, use, and distribution of cryptocurrency well into the future. 

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