The Koin Keys Podcast

Welcome to the only podcast focused on the intersection of cryptocurrency, personal finance, and the future of money. In every episode we cover topics, events, and people that are shaping the future of how we transact, invest, buy, and sell.

Why Koin Keys

This podcast,  website, and Youtube channel all exist to make it easier for normal people to find helpful, easy-to-digest information on crypto. For years (3.5 specifically) I’ve found myself bouncing back and forth between dozens of different sources, desperately searching for anything solid. When I was first getting started, it took me months just to learn the vocabulary necessary to understand what was being said. The goal of this project is to make the introduction to crypto as smooth as possible for as many people as possible – something I believe is missing from the space. 

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Meet the Host

John Creech

John Creech

College dropout, husband, follower of Jesus Christ. Shipping manager by day, cryptocurrency enthusiast at all other times. I’ve spent the last several years reading, listening to, and watching all the crypto content I could get my hands on. From books to Youtube interviews, I have spent thousands of hours researching all I could to understand this industry. Koin Keys is the fulfillment of my dream to contribute to the cryptocurrency industry in a non-technical role.

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